Virtual Headquarters

Texas History students completed a first of it’s kind project in Round Rock ISD. Our Instructional Technology Specialist, Mrs. Lind, received a grant to buy CoSpacesEDU software for all students to use. Grisham is the only school in the district with such licenses.  This software allows creation of virtual environments in 3D on a computer. Once a project is completed, it can be viewed on a VR (virtual reality) headset as well as a computer screen. There is even an option to look at the project as AR (augmented reality) so that  you see the creation on a real surface. So what did the students create with it?


Mrs. McSpadden and Mr. Edwards Texas History had the students recreate the headquarters that Stephen F Austin established for his colony in Mexican Texas. (San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site) They modeled their dog-trot cabin in CoSpacesEDU while looking at pictures of the actual building. Once the building was constructed, they were able to populate it with 3D items, some found in the CoSpacesEDU built in library and some from the Google Poly online 3D library, as well as text to explain the objects for the viewer. Some added code so if you click the door, it will open. Check out some of the spaces they created.  (Use W A S D and your mouse to move in 3D space. ) You can click on these links below to view them in 3D space.

SFA Space 1

SFA Space 2