Fine Arts

Susan Dickson
Kristin Goodman
Jay Hagy
Emily Hornbake
Orchestra Director
Liz Love
Melinda Norris
Misti Vara
Choir Director

The Grisham Art program provides dynamic visual art instruction based on the elements and principles of art, presented through the lenses of the IB/MYP Global Contexts. Interdisciplinary connections between Art and other subject areas will also be explored. Students will work with a variety of media, striving for strong technique while also further developing their own personal styles. Additionally, Grisham artists will investigate art history, art careers, and the powerful role of Art in our community and around the world.


Music is a universal form of human expression that engages us in creative and productive activities like no other subject matter can. In band, we delve into music and develop skills in each student that will in turn help them become effective learners, creative problem solvers, and lifelong appreciators of the arts. Band students at Grisham are members of a very successful band program and tightly-knit band family, forming bonds with peers through shared practice and performance experiences. Students in band learn musical skills and self-discovery lessons that they will carry with them for a lifetime.


The Grisham Choral Program offers a quality music education while nurturing the whole musician. Throughout the year we will present music of different cultures, history and languages using the IB/MYP curriculum. Students will develop an appropriate appreciation for music of all areas and gain confidence in their own performance through concerts, contests and classroom interaction.


Grisham Orchestra is a great place to make friends while learning a stringed instrument – violin, viola, cello, or bass! Students are actively engaged in a fun and safe environment that nurtures their growth as an instrumentalist and musician. Seventh and Eighth grade students, as well as advanced Sixth grade students, participate in UIL Contest and are encouraged to take part in Region Orchestra and Solo/Ensemble Competition. Students who are successful in orchestra consistently score higher on tests, get into better colleges, and receive more in scholarship money than students who don’t participate in orchestra. Grisham Orchestra is a great place to start down the road to success!


The aims of the study of MYP Theatre Arts are for students to:

  • understand how theatre plays a role in developing and expressing personal and cultural identities
  • appreciate how theatre and the arts innovate and communicate across time and culture
  • become informed and reflective actors, designers and directors
  • experience the process of creating theatre in a variety of situations
  • explore, express and communicate ideas
  • become more effective learners, inquirers and thinkers
  • develop self-confidence and self-awareness through theatre experiences
  • appreciate lifelong learning and enjoyment of theatre and the arts