Quizlet Live!

Quizlet LiveStudents in Texas History are learning vocabulary in a unique way. Quizlet is an app that users can create a study set of vocabulary words and their definitions. Then there are many study methods available to quiz yourself or a team. From digital flashcards to diagrams to team competition. Quizlet Live provides team competition/collaboration in learning. Once all users are logged in through the game code, it automatically assigns players into teams. Teams sit together to play and race against each other to win! One of the team members will have the correct answer to the question posed. They must work together to make sure that player selects the right answer.  I, the ITS, had not played, so I sat down to join the game. It was so much fun and the students appreciated that an adult was joining in as well. It was a very good learning tool.

Dividing into team                             The Koala team