A trip back in time

Last week, seventh grade Texas History classes took a little trip back in time through the use of a trunk of historical items borrowed from the Alamo.  Stations were set up in the library to explore various facets of life in order to feel Texas history up close. Librarians Mrs. Hance and Mrs. Cain, Instructional Technology Specialist, Mrs. Lind, and the Texas History teachers Mrs. McSpadden and Mr. Edwards teamed up to man the stations as students rotated through them.

Students experienced entertainment and luxury items like a corn husk doll, a pack of cards, marbles, a toothbrush and lice comb. They tasted jerky and corn nuts and saw how foods such as chocolate and tea were packaged at the nutrition station. The tool station was full of household items that early settlers needed every day such as a candle mold, compass, flint & steel, powder horn and hunting bag. The clothing station provided an opportunity to dress in period costume and optionally participate in a photo opportunity with the green screen.Luxury Items        Tools