Got House Points?

Grisham has started the concept of houses this year. Yes, just like the ones from the familiar Harry Potter series. The practice is quite common in some countries. At Grisham, each student and teacher is randomly selected into a house. Each house has their own signature color, house name, handshake and slogan. The four houses of Grisham are based on some of the IB characteristics and the house names are from various parts of the world. We have house Pensatore (Italian for Thinker), house Obuzayo (Zulu for inquirer), house Ryzyko (Polish for risk taker), and house Tongxin (Madarin for communicator).

The  houses are mixed aged groups which enable them to support each other in house activities.  So far, we have had several house pep rallys where the groups sit together, cheer, and compete in friendly games. Teachers give house points to students and other teachers for various behaviors, academic activities, and good deeds. The house with the highest number of points at the end of each 6 weeks gets a house party. So far, it’s been house Obuzayo that has taken the lead each time.  If you would like to see our leaderboard, it is linked on the Grisham home page.